Chief Supply Chain Expert/ Scientist* Europe

Newly created key position without leadership responsibility; 
Germany or the Netherlands - ca. 200k€+ & bonus 

Are you looking for another ordinary supply chain leadership position? STOP reading & DO NOT apply!

We are looking for an impact player* who is interested in continuing his career but who appreciate being perceived as individuals.
Our client has ambitious goals, and we expect the same from you!


» Are you a "person of action" with several years of experience as Supply Chain Expert/ Scientist *?
» Are you looking for the next career step with room for maneuver?
» Do you want to make a difference in the world? 

3 x Yes? Great, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Your duties:
» Gain insights into the development trend of Supply Chain and logistics processes and technologies 
Europe, including but not limited to postponement manufacturing, automation (automation line, robot, and
  RFID), simulation, intelligent terminal, and logistics visualization, to support HQ's global capability planning and

» Deeply understand client's supply chain, find business improvement and innovation opportunities based on
  industry and technology insights from the perspective of European Supply Center, and develop
  transformation plans to improve the efficiency of physical goods circulation.

» Introduce applicable technologies and tools, provide advanced physical circulation engineering solutions for
  business units, and manage technological innovation and implementation processes, including technical
  communication, technology planning, solution design, project implementation, and lifecycle management, to
  continuously improve the operation efficiency of physical goods and reduce costs.

Our Client:
is one of the world's largest companies. global technology leader with thousands of employees and numerous international production and sales companies.

Your Qualifications:
► Have 10+ years' relevant professional background and experience. 
► Have extensive connections with leading manufacturing companies in Germany, such as Mercedes-Benz,
   BMW, and Volkswagen. 

 Have successful practices and profound expertise in leading manufacturing technologies, supply chain
   logistics management, model innovation, and new technologies (e.g.autonomously-driven vehicles, robot,
   artificial intelligence, algorithm design and simulation.) 

 Experience and successful practices in automation equipment and sensing, postponement manufacturing, and
   lean logistics in the manufacturing and logistics domains are preferred. 

► Have expertise and successful practices in the supply chain simulation and blockchain.


Still interested? 
Great! Then we have to get to know each other!

Contact: Mr. Roman Falkowski
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* TALENT counts, GENDER no matter